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Kilitch Drugs is known for manufacturing & marketing a host of formulations in all dosage forms, such as solid, liquid, and parenteral forms. They primarily cater to the Africa region. Till date, in terms of corporate communication, they had a 4 pager informative brochure, which showcases their manufacturing strength and product portfolio. To enhance the overall visual appeal and provide an approach, 7thSense was onboard.

Client: Kilitch (Drugs) India Ltd.

Category: Corporate Brochure

Date: May 2015

Kilitch Brochure Front
Kilitch Brochure


We took on multiple briefing rounds with the management teams both individually and together to understand their complete 30 years journey and the vision forward – which would form the base of the new communication.

The Grand Mission

After discussion and evaluating multiple approaches, a broad conscious was arrived between all stakeholders to go with a larger feel-good which can connect with everyone. The mission would be on the lines of ‘Wellbeing for everyone.’

Content Development

During this phase, wellbeing as a theme was further detailed to give out clear communication. Wellbeing was divided into three categories, namely:

  • The wellbeing of the company – Strategic, Smart & Timely decisions that would amplify the growth prospects of the company
  • The wellbeing of the users – Developing product portfolio after understanding the market it serves
  • Wellbeing & beyond – Beyond manufacturing and marketing medicines, entering other soft services for providing complete wellbeing to the end-user.

The Design

Taking the brand colour as the base and mixing the tonality with plant, products, and stock images spread across pages, the overall brochure was given a corporate yet friendly look that would appeal to global audiences.
Kilitch Brochure Market Page
Kilitch Folder

Further, we went on to design their Product Key Visuals, Corporate Website, and other collaterals that helped them to structure their corporate communication.