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Scope of Work:
Brand Identity, Website

To start an online luxury business portal to market different cultures across India. The idea was to source various exclusive products produced in a particular region and help them market  across the nation. The company intends to cater to global markets in the next phase.

A “.com” domain was needed for the business portal that highlighted the exchange of cultures. Representing that exclusivity and exchange across the world cultures, a concise brand name “cross2culture” was finalized. It is simple yet comprehensive. The fluidity in the logo signifies the exchange that the company believes in.

After selecting top categories, the homepage was made interactive and user-friendly to enable quick browsing signifying the business concept in a nutshell. All the products have been defined by regions and continents so the can user explore various cultures from the comfort of his home. A plethora of colourful images are used to showcase the diverse cultures and different moods; all appealing to the global spirit.