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Kilitch India Ltd.

Scope of Work:

The company mainly deals with Africa region, and is now slowly expanding by adding new services in the healthcare vertical. Started with a manufacturing unit, its slowly diverging into complete healthcare facility by opening clinics, acting as consultant at various levels for setting up a manufacturing plant, branding, etc. Though well-known in manufacturing sector, we would like to let the industry know in a subtle way that now we have started looking outside manufacturing capabilities, but withing healthcare industry.

The term Wellbeing Cube (Wellbeing:3) was being coined to explain about the company where, wellbeing 1 stands for its stakeholders, human capital, distributors, etc.; wellbeing 2 stands for users and wellbeing 3 stands for services offered beyond manufacturing. The entire brochure was accordingly divided into 3 parts, and the entire details was then captured.