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Client: Ananya Trading

Category: Corporate Identity

The company was into selling traditional ethnic Indian fashion in the UK market. After testing the market in initial stages and being confident about the growth in business, they wanted to create a visual identity & go for brand development.


After a detailed discussion with the client, we agreed that the logo needs to have a secure connection with the UK market, at the same time, showcase its Indian Origin. So after internal brainstorming, a healthy discussion with the client, we finalize the strategy of using Indian origin design elements and give it a color palette that UK customers are usually accustomed too.


On the finalization of strategy, we started with creating mood boards — a mood board of various India Elements and a trending color palette of the UK market. The color palette was created by studying the color evolution in its fashion industry, its architecture, etc.


Establishing its India Origin and maintaining the difference from its Arabic style, Indian National bird (Peacock) and flower (Lotus) are finalized to be the visual elements. The color palette in neutral and earthen tones was decoded as per the research.