Based on brand vision and strategy, 7thSense develops meaningful brand guidelines to ensure targeted brand communication. We consult with ambitious companies on everything from brand innovation and guardianship to launch strategies. We at 7thSense; help our clients to develop compelling brands that convert potential consumers into passionate brand advocates. We take the time to understand your company’s purpose and work with you to develop a creative brief, resulting in the creation of unique brand personalities and engaging brand experiences, both online and offline.


At 7thSense, we harness original thinking and creative flair to develop fresh, functional, innovative, viable ideas pleasing to the sight and mind. Your brand deserves all the attention in the ever increasing competitive world. Our expert team is equipped to handle complex challenges. We collaborate to brainstorm ideas and develop creative concepts. They are then translated into effective communication that trigger genuine brand recall, thereby guiding purchase behaviour.


7thSense provides clients with strategic marketing built on commercial experience and insight. Whether you’re looking to lauch a new product range, expand into a new market, provide a richer brand experience or overcome a specific marketing challenge, 7thSense can help. Raising the brand higher every milestone, we assist to effectively plan the stages of brand evolution.


As the world gets more integrated, businesses need to be present in the digital world. Our approach is to solve complex challenges and delivering effective eye catching design, integrating the best available technology in the most intuitive interface possible thereby minising business disruption. Whether your online strategy needs social media presence, a branding website, an ecommerce portal or an ERP with flawless UI, 7thSense has the desired expertise to help. Our digital marketing strategies ensure users reach the required space to deliver traffic and grow revenue.


The process has to be simple & the plan perfect! We approach every project with the simple 5W rule to understand intent and design the process to achieve the best results.

As a thumb rule, 7thSense starts with the Why; eg. understand the intent. Next we work with you to understand the Who; eg. the target audience. Once the 2 important components of your strategy are clear, we then assist you with the What – When – Where. This helps us prepare a plan of action. With the brief in place we conduct research / brainstorming sessions. With your final nod on the idea, we make the project come to life.

Finally, we analyse the results and devise a process/plan of action to make you, the client take over the driving wheel. We do a periodical review & are always there by your side for any quick fixes, upgrades and updates.

We are here to help!

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